Monday, March 16, 2015

Initial Post

This is a test post for embedding posts on my website

Sunday, March 29, 2009

origin of the name

Almost everyone in the world has heard of coke. Well about 6 years back me and my friend discovered a little thing called coke music. His dad always bought boxes of coke bottles so him and his brother found this game, a day later they informed me about it. Signing into the game for the first time i am invited to my friends "studio". The name of their studio was popcap music. when i went to make my own studio thinking i was humorous named mine popcat. We didnt play this game for longer than a week because of being referred to the ever so popular game Runescape. When i went to create my character for runescape i was drawing a blank for what to name my guy, and what do you think pops into my mind? Yes popcat, ever since then i have made almost every account of mine popcat!